Wednesday, July 21, 2010

These are the dog days of summer...

...and of impending unemployment as noted in an earlier blog. Emerson, parent of Avocent, will shut the doors to its Salt Lake office come the first of October.

No, I haven't found the Java/JEE dream job yet. The dreamiest one slipped from my grasp as some lucky soul internal to the company in question got the chance of his lifetime. Alas for poor me; kudos for him.

But, as my best friend pointed out, grace is not in finite supply nor is it contingent upon the relative hardships, needs—or merits—of potential recipients.

In the meantime, the relief brigade from Infosys has begun arriving. We'll be handing the Avocent Management Platform (AMP) off to them over the next couple of months. It's always fun to work with people from out of town (in this case, way out of town places like India and China).

And, the ride home each afternoon at 1500 is nasty hot in ¼" of leather, gloves and a helmet. On the other hand, the ride into work at 0600 is ordinarily pleasant and cool.

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