Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheap thrills..

When you can get them, every time you can get them.

Today I polished off a new Apache ant custom task I wrote by publishing it along with some Eclipse projects that illustrate one of the tutorials I used to figure out how to write a custom task. Then I went back in and tested a feature I'd put in, but had forgot to use (it worked). Subsequently, my continuous build (via Jenkins) stopped breaking, well, only after fixing a few things in some SQL scripts that suddenly became visible because of the cool ant task I added to the build.

Yesterday, someone wrote to thank me for that Eclipse, Tomcat, JSP and servlets tutorial I wrote way back in 2008.

Things have wound seriously down at work for the next release of things. I can sigh in relief and look forward to more "planned" (read: non panic-motivated) work.

As I say, cheap thrills.