Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's blog on Blogspot instead...

I'm going to revamp my own web pages and move my blog to a more capable and genuine blogging host (to wit: the place you're reading this). That way, I can re-use for the root of my web server, which it is. I'm probably not going to try to back-fill this blog with previous entries, but just start now and stop using my old web site.

This coincides also with my imminent departure (at latest, 1 October 2010) from Avocent, Inc. which was purchased by Emerson Network Power earlier this year (or late last year). Emerson have decided not to keep the Salt Lake City, Utah office. Most of our team of about 40 have winged their way "jobwards" and elsewhere. I am myself awaiting a couple of offers right now, though I'm pretty certain which one I'm going to choose. I could be making the transition as early as mid-to-late July.

Whatever the case, I'm counting on this next episode to put the finishing touches on my JEE portfolio though I also plan to be around a long time: I've moved too much since leaving Novell 5 years ago, mostly because the economy hasn't cooperated and, in the case of Quest Software, in order to align myself with the Java/JEE skill set I'd been working on.

So, you can still catch me on, my formal, professional contact page, or where soon I'll restore its more or less index nature to the rest of the web domains I host on my server.

You can also check out my technical articles, tutorials and open notes at (yeah, that's sort of a Mormon joke, but you go find a decent domain name for use these days). They are mostly Java/JEE-related, but you can also get to my notes on many other technologies there.

Best regards,