Friday, July 9, 2010

Rumpole: my curmudgeonly master

This evening I finished watching my last episode of Rumpole of the Bailey with some regret. I last watched the collection of episodes over two years ago when I received it for Father's Day.

They just get better and better.

Rumpole is like an old friend who lives in a far away place. I don't get to see him that often, so something like a biannual reunion is quite an occasion to celebrate. After so long I get to missing old Sam Bollard (sic), His Lordship Mr. Injustice Graves, Hilda, Uncle Tom and Mr. & Mrs. Erskin-Brown.

And She who must be obeyed is very cooperative during these 44 little visits that last for 45 minutes each interrupting only 3 or 4 episodes with her little urgent business.

Of course, far from settling back with a glassful of Château Thames Embankment, I prefer a nice Fat Boy Nut Sundae; it is, after all a very hot summer here as well as at Number 3, Equity Court.

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