Wednesday, July 7, 2010

G-dang, g-dang, g-dang...

—or the din summer makes as it pursues its monotonous march.

"Heureusement," say I, for it's my least favorite season.

We are hosting Helene and Taylor, along with baby Kingston, while they are here visiting from Halifax. Carma is here also. I work; Julene vacations.

My nephew, Jacob, is also rooming here until he wings his way off to West Africa. I'm not vacationing for him. I do force him into watching the odd episode of Rumpole.

And yet, it's during the long days that resemble each other that we get the greatest amount of work done, turning them into short days that seem to have disappeared as soon as we turn our head. (I'm never disappointed not to remember days whose temperatures exceed 80°.) These days are signed, "RESTful web services," now become my favorite topic.

Aside from this, there's little to say obviously. We just wait for September's promise of pre-Autumn wind to inflate our sails and pull us free from the doldrums.

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