Monday, July 12, 2010

In search of the lost khurma

Yesterday, I almost nailed it.

The saag sorba wasn't particularly close to Bombay House's, but it was excellent nevertheless. (Note to self: find a way to excise the ginger fibers. Use a microplane instead of a fine grater?)

The tandoori chicken was as competent as ever, if not particularly stunning and somewhat lacking in spiciness.

I tried a new, yeast-based naan. I've see these here and there in Internet recipe land and I succumbed to the extra work (mostly timing). I shouldn't have. While it was okay, it wasn't nearly as good as my quickbread (baking powder) naan.

I dry-bloomed some cumin seeds to add to the rice along with a few saffron threads and finely chopped parsley. Competent, nothing to be ashamed of.

Last, however, I made a khurma. This has usually been my downfall, ending up with something sour, bizarre-tasting or otherwise inedible. As I couldn't decide on what to change in my ingredient list, I decided not to change anything and hope for the best. The best happened. I wouldn't trade the same dish from India Palace or Bombay House, but it was pretty edible nonetheless. And it was entirely vegetarian. This will please my daughter.

Unfortunately therefore, I learned nothing. I wonder how this dish will turn out next time since I changed nothing? I probably should think really hard about anything that I may have done differently and write it up all over again.

While I cook mostly only from ingredient lists rather than step-by-step recipes, I do try to write up the experiences as recipes. See my Indian cuisine page.

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