Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today was my annual Van's Warped Tour outing with my youngest son, Danny. It's been a couple of months since I last saw him.

Danny runs a bus, some trucks and a crew who oversee various concessions at the venues. They travel all over the United States and Canada to do this. It goes on nearly three months.

My fellow Provo attendees included my wife, Julene, and her youngest, Sam. Other family members included my daughters, Andrea and Penelope, plus their daughters, Trista and Leila. My son Vic went on tour the night of the Paul McCartney concert and won't be back until October. He's tattooing all over the country out of this RV/bus he's fixed up.

Salt Lake City was treated to a rather cool day, only 90° or so and lots of wind and threatening thunderstorms that mostly glided by the Utah Fairgrounds without disturbing much other than to force the tour crews to stake down some of the tents that had been erected shoddily earlier in the day.

We made our usual pilgrimage to eat at the local Red Ignana, always excellent, best Mex anywhere!

When we got back to the fairgrounds, we wandered around collecting junk for the little girls (my granddaughters) who are always up for the trick-or-treating aspects of the show where their uncle Danny's connections net them at least a pair of sunglasses, a t-shirt, a bag to carry them in and some candy. Speaking of candy, most of us got some Skullcandy® paraphernalia too.

Then we stood on a VIP platform overlooking the main concert venue to watch Big Fish perform until I had my fill of f-words and lewd gestures, and retreated to the bus—probably four songs in all. This annual show has rather become my live, mental image of an old Gothic depiction of what hell will be: bad music, horribly dressed and empty misguided children, as well as vulgar language screamed at the top of amplified lungs. Right off the canvas of Hieronymus: Gotta love it!

Between sorties for food and fun, we chilled on his tour bus and jabbered while his mother and sister did massages in the main business office on the grounds.

A fun time was had by all and we love our Danny. His tour ends in a couple of weeks, then he's doing a two-month Skullcandy tour before coming home in early October.

I have such interesting children. I love them all.


  1. I always get a kick out of picturing you and mom at warped tour every year.
    ps - blue iguana is better ;)

  2. Mole is the only thing the Blue Iguana knows, but mole is only part of Mexican cuisine even if it's an important part. Still, when the basics are missing, the prestige just doesn't quite do it. It's like pizza sauce without the crust or toppings, fry sauce without the French fries, sampling jams and jellies with only moldy or dried out toast to spread them on. It's like tasty pesto or alfredo sauce on top of pasta just too nasty to eat. I've eaten twice at the Blue Iguana and I'll never set foot in the place again, and neither will anyone else in our party except possibly one who also likes mole more than the food underneath it. (And, at the risk of pointing the obvious, my dear: "it's about the cheese!")