Monday, August 30, 2010

In an uproar!

I spoke with my son, Danny, this morning about his recent promotion on tour. Since the end of Van's Warped Tour, he's been working another one named Rockstar Uproar doing the same sorts of things as on the tour he's worked for five or six years now. However, he was quickly promoted to "tour festival manager." As I understand it, his duties include the entire layout of the park, the emplacement of the stages, the concessions, where the buses, trucks and trailers are parked, etc.

Uproar will be in Salt Lake City on 15 September out at the USANA amphitheater.

Gotta love bad musicians playing ear-piercing music and shouting the f-word at the top of their amplified lungs!


  1. That's my Dan the Man! This was his dream and he finally made it. He has the capability for the tasks this fast paced job requires. I'm proud of him!