Thursday, August 19, 2010

BlackBerry: All in a day's work

I'm scrambling to get this done before leaving for the Utah Java Users' Group meeting tonight. I'm leaving as soon as I post this.

I've successfully put together a development environment and a Hello World application for BlackBerry. And, as usual, I've written it up concurrently so that a) I have a place to return to for links, information and to see what I've forgotten, and b) others can step up faster and easier, or so I hope.

This is an experiment after nearly three weeks of deep-ending in Android development, quite successfully so far, I might add.

Of course, the two display systems are radically different, so the code I write for one will not be reusable for the other unless I can figure out how to get a little MVC separation, my next project.

At least I'm "up and running" in BlackBerry.

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