Friday, December 10, 2010

Out to lunch...

Today I indulged in a little, shameless fan worship at noon. Because of work location, it's been a couple of years since I last ate at Rib City in American Fork.

That's where I've been wanting to go since I started at HP. The restaurant is about as close as any other.

I knew that Rib City was owned by the sister of Vincent d'Onofrio and I asked the woman a few pleasant questions about this as she seated us only to find out that she was Toni, the actor's sister. She and her husband own and run this restaurant. I had assumed she lived in California or something, a sort of absentee owner who owned part of the entire chain. In fact, while Rib City is a chain, this is the only one she owns, having closed another in the Salt Lake valley some time back.

The half rack of ribs was on special. We also had the cheese fries with the amazing and spicy fry sauce. I decided on baked beans and cole slaw for my sides. And, yes it was real good, but I already knew it would be.

Toni came back later to chat about her family which was perfectly delightful. Of course, as a bunch of geeks, all of us are undying "Eggar" fans* and some of us have enjoyed Vincent in Law & Order: Criminal Intent too.

It appears that Vincent comes by from time to time and hangs out at the restaurant. So, we're going to keep an eye out for the opportunity and pleasure of meeting him. His sister is already so much fun to talk to.

* Edgar, whose name his wife pronounces "Eggar," was a country hick who went to inspect a crater freshly made by a meteorite hit on his farm in Men in Black. His body was usurped and used as a disguise by an "interstellar cockroach." He bid goodbye to his wife and left for New York City. Later, she recounts this to MIB agents Jay and Kay (played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones), "But I know Eggar. And that wasn't him. It was more like something else that was wearing him. Like a suit. An Eggar suit."


  1. Hi Russell, I sent Toni Jorgensen of Rib City your link.(I hope that was okay?)
    This was her reply:

    Toni Jorgensen December 11 at 2:05pm

    thank you i had a blast !!!you made my day.

  2. A friend of mine posted this to me indirectly:

    The "Eggar" scenes are easily our favorite ones from Men in Black. We're constantly quoting various lines ("Never seen sugar do that before!") and it keeps being funny.

    D'Onofrio was by far the main reason I watched Law & Order: Criminal Intent avidly for several years. When he left, my enjoyment of the show suffered mightily and when Jeff Goldblum was brought in I quickly abandoned it altogether.

    By coincidence, earlier tonight we just happened to stumble on Impostor, a cheesy 2001 alien invasion flick in which D'Onofrio starred. After watching D’Onofrio decline physically in the latter years of his time on Law & Order, it was shocking to see him looking so young and not-dissipated.

  3. Well if your still a LOCI fan you'll be glad to know he is coming back for a 10th and final season this coming April. He is also going to be Kill the Irishman coming out in March. Nice talking to you.