Friday, December 31, 2010

On tonight's menu...

...we will be missing the traditional prime rib we've become known for (see illustration in my other post today). We've ironically found it frequently throughout the year and yet no good deals at year's end. So, how about a little variety?
  - French country loaf bread
- little Quiches
- assorted appetizers*
- salad
- pasta capellacci in a sage and butter sauce
- meats:
roast lamb
pepper steak
paprika chicken
- potatoes dauphine
- mixed vegetables:
yellow squash
baby carrots
sugar snap peas
baby potatoes
- triple mousse cake

We're minimizing the portions this year not only just to cut down on what we ingest, but also to minimize the amount of waste we inevitably find when we go to clean up the kitchen the next morning.

* A plate of tasty little things like marinated artichoke hearts, mozarrella balls, varied olives, tiny pickled peppers, tomatoes, etc.

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