Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gloria mi insegna a cucinare

I'm taking cooking classes from Gloria Bonfanti this month.

Observations: I made some really good pizza yesterday, I chose to make a Margherita I believe it's called. When I opened the huge bag of basil leaves, it was like walking into an opium den. I almost passed out from a drug-induced stupor. I'd be making this again today if it weren't that it's my granddaughter's birthday and she's asked for feijoada.

We made risotto e funghi. Gloria likes a lot of salt in the food. When we tasted the risotto, she asked if we liked the taste. I said I did, but that it was too salty by far. She said, "Ah, now that's the French for you."

Then we made a penne with broccoli and sausage dish. It was fun using her kitchen for this: the broccoli blanched and the pasta cooked in little compartments that fit a rack then plunged into a deep fat fryer except filled with boiling water. When she asked how I thought it tasted, I said it was perfect. She said, "Hmmm... there's not nearly enough salt in it."

Next week is pollo con funghi, meatballs in tomato sauce and a section on how to marinate meat and potatoes.

The week after that is tiramisu and crostata al cioccolato.

It's very instructive to see how a practicing chef works. I'm now totally bummed by my own kitchen. I need a real cooktop and real ovens. I'm already starting to think seriously about the ovens because I've got room to do something about it if I want (because of how I redesigned my kitchen when we bought the house).

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