Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Defeat reversed...

Some time ago I wrote that Defeat is inevitable when dealing with oven manufacturer JennAir.

Last week, I hit KSL-TV's classifieds list and purchased a five-year old, little used GE built-in oven to replace my prized JennAir. I dropped it in last Saturday with my youngest son. It took all of 20 minutes and we were puttering. Four twists of the wire nuts.

The new oven is a couple of inches narrower than the old one. This means I'll have to go back with a piece of maple to close the gap in the cabinet.

The new oven is pretty nice. Other than being narrower than a nominal 27" oven (as was the last one), its features measure up including the (missing) meat probe. I wonder if the one I conserved from the JennAir won't work? Convection, programmable, etc. all the features are there.

As I said last time, I will never buy a JennAir again. And I saw plenty to choose from in the classified offerings.

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