Tuesday, March 1, 2011

JSF Facelets: Templating

This morning I finished my initial research into templating using JavaServer Faces Facelets. This is pursuant to some work I've been doing over the last month or so and three articles discussed in last week's posting.

I've worked with templates in JSF, but never set them up from scratch except for a mindless shot at them 3 years ago using a book I didn't fully understand. It's not been too relevant to my work, except briefly when fixing a few bugs in MarketSplash pages. I'm not really a front-end guy, but I do support some twenty domains benevolently and this technology would come in handy.

So, yeah, a new article—always an article, right?

I've probably got some polishing to do, but the structure and most of the content is there. Casting around for the next thing to look into, I'm thinking Spring Web Flow. If so, there will be another article. Then I'll tuck back into my back-end world where I belong. There some exciting REST stuff coming up later this year.

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