Monday, November 15, 2010

BlackBerry? iPhone? Android? Who cares?

I chuckle whenever I get an e-mail from a friend or colleague ending with the statement

      Sent from BlackBerry

Does anyone care anymore? After nearly a decade, is anyone amazed that someone else has done e-mail from his Smartphone? This is just free, mass advertising. You acquired a Smartphone for the slim advantage that gives you in exchange for money and a promise of free advertising?

So, I've begun signing my e-mailed replies thus

      Sent from my Intel i5 750 Desktop

Do you care? Nor do I. You got back a reply; that's what interested you. You could not possibly care less that I composed the reply on 1980s-era Macintosh, a Timex wrist watch or a XIIth century Chinese abacus.

As long as you get the reply.

If I were a campaign sort of person, I'd say let's get rid of those silly, default signatures from Smartphones.

But I'm not. I don't care. It's only something to blog about on a Monday morning.

Sent from my Intel i5 750 Desktop running Linux

1 comment:

  1. The reason that I leave "Sent from my iPhone" or "Sent from my BlackBerry" or "Sent from my iPad" on the signature is not to say "hey, I'm cool, you should get one too" -- it's actually so that they understand if I'm brief, it's because I sent the email from a mobile device and as such didn't have the luxury of using a lot of big words.

    "Send from my mobile device" would serve the same purpose, but it would require me to actually expend the effort of finding the setting and changing it....