Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The sharks are beginning to circle!

The dreaded moment is only hours away...

Tomorrow evening I will present my Indian menu of saag shorba, vegetable khurma, fancy rice and roti at the Provo Macey's grocery.

Already I've had friends pester me to tell them when. I long declined, but now give in. I hope it's too late for most of you.

It is not too late, apparently, for the Provo Herald who are detailing a food columnist to attend and to interview me afterward. This amps up the pressure.

Unfortunately, I can't "do better" because presenting a cooking show isn't something I ever do. While Macey's is talking about me doing this regularly, it's wishful thinking on their part: I'm not so certain. Why would I do this? It was to be a one-shot, let's-see-how-terrifying romp through a personal discomfort zone. A decision taken flippantly and without much commitment.

I have decided I had better put on my best (and only) black chef's jacket, maybe dig around for those trousers I haven't worn in a long time too. (But, I draw the line at donning the toque.)

Nevertheless, these emotional sharks pale in the overall everyday angst of job-seeking especially now that, since last Friday, I can no longer claim to be "employed, seeking new opportunity."

Vivement la retraite !   (How to say that in Hindi?)


  1. awesome.
    I would so be there.
    ps, we vote TOQUE!
    pps. forget cooking class, I can see a smash hit show now. mormon meets good eats meets rumpole meets house anyone? :)

  2. Haha, that's well put Helene! Hey, this may just be your next job papa,there just may be a person there offering you a well paid position in some fancy resteraunt or something. I'm so happy for you :) or, you may be starting a new tv show called Russ Cooks lol

  3. Mom & Dad Said.......

    I'm just sure that this should be video quality. Please copy and send us a copy. We only wish that we could be there. Tasting as well as seeing. But alas,we won't make it. So VIDEO PLEASE.